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This 8 hour firearms safety training course certifies you in all the requirements under Missouri law to qualify you to apply for a State of Missouri Concealed Carry Endorsement.  The class covers the ten requirements of Missouri Revised Statutes 571.111: handgun safety in the classroom, at home, and on the firing range; while carrying concealed, what to do during law enforcement contacts (traffic stop); loading and unloading both the revolver and the semi-automatic pistol; basic principles of marksmanship; the care and cleaning of firearms; safe storage of firearms; Missouri requirements in getting a concealed carry endorsement; Missouri laws relating to firearms; Missouri laws relating to the justifiable use of force; live fire range exercise; and live fire range qualification.

NRA Certified Courses

    First Steps Shotgun
    Basic Shotgun Training
    First Steps Pistol
    Basic Pistol Training
    Personal Protection in the Home
    Personal Protection Outside the Home
    Firearm Safety in the Home
    Range Safety Officer

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